Hello, Hey, Welcome!!

I am slowly but surely running out of paper and notebooks and feel bad about killing all those trees so I decided to do what most writers do and start a blog… which I don’t update very often… whoopsie. New year new me? No? Ok, carry on…

I mostly enjoy writing fiction, so that’s what you’ll mainly see here but I also LOVE food and animals and other cool stuff so every once in a while I might do a little review. Always honest, I promise.

Now, a little about me. I’m old but not that old, I enjoy hanging out with my small teeny tiny group of friends, ok fine I don’t have friends and I don’t enjoy hanging out with people, there, I said it, are you happy now??

I like going to the beach, ah man, another lie, I hate the beach, I enjoy going there and viewing it from a distance, in my car, minus all the sand and wind. I like hanging out in libraries on rainy days – Ok this one is true, snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book – so hard to find though, taking bubble baths – also true, taking my two doggies for a walk -yep, reading, buying unnecessary stationary because I’m addicted – who me? Never 😉

Smelling flowers, hanging out with my cat and just being a typical Capetonian. You don’t know where Cape Town is? It’s the mother city of a 3rd world country at the bottom of the map called South Africa. No I don’t have pet lions and no I don’t ride elephants to work. I have a cheetah as a pet and I ride a rhino to work, get your facts straight.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories, if you have any questions please feel free to pop over to the ‘Contact Me’ page 🙂 No stalkers (I’m just kidding, come teach me your ways).