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RECIPE: Bacon & Spinach Egg Cups

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday, aka hump day! We are one step closer to Friday or should I say Friyay!? No … ok then.

This morning I decided that I have way too much time on my hands not to make breakfast cups, and I’m here to share the recipe. Well, not really a recipe, more like instructions. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Normally you would use a muffin-tin for these types of things but I wanted to use the silicone cups I bought but only used once before. Just thought they would look really cute plus I won’t have to fit an entire muffin-tin into the dishwasher. It’s a win-win really.


4 eggs seemed like a good amount (it wasn’t, use 5, trust me on this one). I did add a little bit of milk to them but you don’t have to.


Next I added the bacon and spinach. Note I didn’t cook the bacon because if I wanted to dirty a pan for this I would have just sticked with the traditional way of preparing a breakfast so, here’s to hoping the bacon will cook through and we won’t be poisoned. You can add as much or as little bacon and spinach as you want, totally up to you.


Lastly I season them with a little salt and pepper on top and put them in the oven (200 degrees celsius) for 25 minutes.

I think they turned out pretty cute, what do you think?


Happy Cooking!




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