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March Favorites

If you’re a March baby & Pisces raise your hand!

Since my birthday is on the 7th of March I decided to do a “March Favorites” blog-post. Check out all the cool things I found below;


I just can’t get enough of candles in general, if they’re scented that’s even better! Here’s a few I found at Mr Price Home which is one of my favorite places to shop at. To purchase any of these amazing candles just click here!



Warm feet are HAPPY feet! I found these super soft slippers at Woolworths and they are only R85.00! That’s a steal! If you want a pair just click here!



If you’re trying to get on that health-grind this is a must! Steaming your veggies is a great way of keeping maximum nutrients. This one is available from Yuppiechef and even comes with a recipe card! Click here to check it out!



The Body Shop is filled with AMAZING products but this one is my favorite. The Fuji Green Tea scrub is something out of this world. It’s my absolute favorite and leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling amazing. Trust me, you’ll walk around sniffing your hands and arms all day, and yes you’ll look like a crazy person but won’t care. It’s a must!



Warm blankets are great for those cold winter evenings in front of the fireplace or television. Mr Price Home has so many to choose from but I loved this wine color. To get one for yourself (or me) click here!


That’s it for my March Favorites!



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